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GEN / COVID-19: Resources

COVID-19 Resources

To support the fight against COVID-19, many leading research publishers, journals and societies are providing open access to research from their collections. Many of them are signatories to the Wellcome Trust Statement, Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Ministry of Health

Check the Ministry of Health (MOH) website for regular updates and advisories on COVID-19. MOH also has easy-to-digest graphics and videos related to COVID-19 here: MOH's Resources.

New Normal - Safe Commuting, 25 Aug 2020


List of Resources

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) provides free coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.


Cambridge University Press's Coronavirus Free Access Collection covers coronavirus related articles.    


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Preparedness Center by ECRI Institute, provides essential information and toolkits to help hospitals protect healthcare workers as well as patients. The site includes recommendations for infection control.


Elsevier’s Novel Coronavirus Information Center covers expert guidance and clinical solutions to related resources from health organizations such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).


Login required: Gartner's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center. Login via Gartner here first before clicking the Resource Center link.


Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Network gives a Snapshot of What We Know So Far, links to Scientific Resources, and Guidance from the CDC and WHO. Read these articles written by local medical professionals:


The Lancet curates and provides free access to COVID-19 content as it is published.


Lexicomp provides in-depth COVID-19 resources for clinicians and patients. 


The New England Journal of Medicine provides a collection of clinical reports, management guidelines and commentary about COVID-19. 


Oxford University Press has made coronavirus-related content from their online resources and leading journals freely accessible. 


Passport provides resources to Understanding The Impact Of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


More and more relevant and recently published research are added to the ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database. For more information on how to access the database, click this Q&A document.


Springer Nature Besides research articles and commentaries on COVID-19, also a link out to an online Coronavirus Dashboard, by John Hopkins CSSE, showing the global spread of the virus.


Statista provides free access for all contents related to COVID-19.


Taylor & Francis's microsite provides links and references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information that can be freely accessed on Taylor & Francis Online and Taylor & Francis ebooks in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into COVID-19. 


WARC's Marketing In The COVID-19 Crisis - A special series offering guidance and insights to marketers amidst the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


Wiley has made freely available, relevant research articles, book chapters and entries in major references in support of the global efforts to overcome COVID-19 and similar viral respiratory infections.


World Scientific Press provides free access to journal articles on COVID-19. Also, free access to e-book titled Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Editor-in-chief: Wenhong Zhang (Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, China).

NLB's Learning Package on Viruses & Pandemics

The National Library Board (NLB) has put together a learning package on viruses and pandemics. The learning package can be accessed here:

Part 1 Viruses - An Overview
Part 2 COVID-19 - An Overview
Part 3 COVID-19 - The Singapore Situation
Part 4 COVID-19 - R&D and Medical Research 
Part 5 Viruses - The Spanish Flu (1918-1919)
Part 6 Major Pandemics from the 20th Century
Part 7 Vaccinations
Part 8 Public Health in Singapore 

The Straits Times

Read latest newspaper articles related to COVID-19 outbreak from The Straits Times.

Coronavirus detection in Singapore 'gold standard' for case detection: Harvard study by Rei Kurohi. The Harvard study referred to in the article is available here: Estimating underdetection of internationally imported COVID-19 cases.

meWATCH - Videos

Watch videos on the latest COVID-19 Outbreak Updates provided by meWATCH.

World Health Organization

For information and guidance from World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. The page is updated daily.