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Resources / WARC: Marketing statistics

Adspend database

WARC contains more than marketing videos. You may also access and download statistics on advertising related expenditure by country. These statistics are accessed via the Adspend database, under the Data tab.

For example you may view at a glance the global advertising expenditure by medium, such as by Newspapers, Televsion or even Mobile.

Did you know?

In 2019 the mediums attracting the most advertising expenditure are Internet, Television and Mobile, in that order.

Internet advertising expenditure first surpassed televsion in 2017. Mobile advertising expenditure may surpass televsion expenditure in 2020.

The geographical region attracting the most advertising expenditure is North America, followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe.

You may access all of these statistics under the Global tab in the WARC Adsense database, under the Takeaway Tables.