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Resources / Vetlexicon: Vetlexicon

What is Vetlexicon (Vetstream)?

Vetlexicon contains the world's largest online source of veterinary content. A product of Vexstream, it is an industry standard that is used by vet clinics as well as other vet schools globally. TP Library subscribes to the following content:

  • Dogs (Canis)
  • Cats (Felis)
  • Rabbits (Lapis) 
  • Horses (Equis)

Vetlexicon can be used by not just vet students, but potential and current pet owners!


1. To start exploring Vetlexicon, click here.

2. Search for the information you need using the search bar at the top right of the page. You can search by keyword such as name of disease, health conditionanimal breed, drug name, and more.

For example, you can search "obesity".

2. Next you can filter the search results by choosing Species and Content Type.

For example, you can select Felis (Cat) and read more about this condition by clicking on Articles. (TP Library has subscription to Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Horse content).

3. The results list every article from the Cat species which has the word "obesity" in the text. Select the article entitled "Obesity" to read an overview of the obesity health condition in cats.

4. At the article page, you can scroll down to read or click on the tabs at the top to jump to different sections. There are also links to Related content on the right.


Treatment & Medication Information

Since Vetlexicon is meant for use in vet clinics, it has clinical point-of-care information such as treatment options. This includes medication and dosage.

Screenshot from Prednisolone use in cats article.

How to Use Vetlexicon


Vetlexicon has a selection of videos on common veterinary procedures. To find them, search for keyword: video.

After choosing the species that you are interested in, Select the Videos content type.

Note to teaching staff: Videos cannot be embedded in LMS, but you can add a link in LMS to the video's page.

Owner Factsheets

A highlight of Vetlexicon is the range of Owner Factsheets. These are useful for vet nurses to print out for pet owners. These factsheets provide easy to read and concise information on how owners can manage their pets' various health conditions as well as rehabilitation options.

Screenshot from Cat Obesity Owner Factsheet.

Browse Owner Factsheets for:

You can also narrow your search results to Factsheets by clicking on the Factsheet Content Type after performing a search.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Besides conventional treatment information, Vetlexicon covers therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. Simply search acupuncture or herbal medicine as the keywords in the search box. 

Examples of such articles include Acupuncture for horses and Herbal medicine for dogs.