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JPL Climate Change: Library Resources


Climate change technology: is shading the earth too risky? (10 minutes)
If the world is getting too hot, why not give it some shade? Solar geoengineering could halt global warming, but there are risks to this controversial technology.

Climate change - Averting catastrophe (85 minutes)
In the last 30 years, CO2 emissions have increased by 60 percent worldwide. The most pressing problem facing our civilization is global warming. What solutions could there be? This documentary accompanies activists in their efforts to combat climate change.

When does weather change become climate change? (32 minutes)
Record-breaking heatwaves swept across the Earth’s northern hemisphere this summer, while Australia experienced flooding and East Africa is enduring its worst drought in decades. Listener Geoff in Australia wants to know: Is climate change really responsible, or could it just be weather?

The Ocean’s Turning Green (That’s Bad) (7 minutes)
Computer models of climate change have long predicted that the ocean would turn green as a result of warming. But the change can't be seen by the human eye, so scientists weren't sure how they'd measure this effect... until it turned out NASA's MODIS-Aqua satellite had the goods all along.


Climate change is an increasingly pressing topic and the infographic above indicates that respondents in Singapore broadly agree. Read more on climate change related statistics and reports at the links below:



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