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Facial Recognition @ TP Library

On 19th November 2020, TP Library introduced the first-ever Facial Recognition (FR) for everyone in TP! FR is installed at the Library entrance to authenticate our members and serve as a Safe Management Measure in TP. The FR:

  • Checks temperature upon entry.
  • Detects wearing of masks.
  • Limits entry to the Library according to the seating capacity.

FR UPDATE: As masks are no longer mandatory indoors, the FR will authenticate members without masks too!

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Entering the Library with FR!

With FR, entering the library is a breeze. Look directly at the FR camera for the system to detect your face. The gantry will open upon recognition. If the FR can’t identify you, simply approach the counter to re-take your photo. It’s most probably because you look different (and better) than the photo on your matric/staff card ;)

FAQs on our FR

How does the FR work?

FR works by analysing your unique facial structure and matching it with information in a database to verify your identity. Every time you enter/exit the Library, the FR will identify a match for your facial features against a database of over 20,000 photos of students (submitted in year 1) and staff. Once a match is found, the gantry will open. Pro tip: FR works best when you are looking directly at the camera.

What are the possible reasons that the FR can't identify me?

  • Not looking directly at the camera.
  • Long hair fringes or caps covering the forehead or areas around the eyes. 
  • Laughing, frowning, or other facial expressions that change your facial contours.
  • Pixelated, profile or outdated photo. FYI, the FR matches your current self with photos you have submitted to TP in your first year (student) or the HR database (staff). 

Does makeup matter?

Generally, makeup doesn’t matter. FR technology reads your face's geometry, e.g., the distance between the eyes, depth of the eye sockets, the shape of the cheekbones, etc. Day-to-day makeup will not change face biometrics. 

What about hairstyles?

For the same reason above, changing your hairstyles will not affect the FR. Just make sure that your hair doesn’t obscure your face. For example, your fringe covering too much of the forehead or part of the eye area.

Why did spectacles work for some and not for others?

Generally, specs with thick frames or reflective lenses, sunglasses, and transition lenses will affect FR accuracy and reliability. We recommend you remove your specs for a better experience.

Will facial expressions affect the FR? 

Smiling, laughing, or talking can change your face contours and cause the FR not to find a match.

Check out this comic on our FR!

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