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Resources / Pixton EDU: Pixton EDU

What is Pixton EDU?

A comic and storyboard creator, Pixton EDU comes with templates, click-and-drag tools and a variety of characters to help lecturers and students communicate ideas through comics.

FOR STAFF ONLY: Get your Pixton EDU account

TP staff can request for a Pixton EDU account by emailing

You would receive a link to self-register your Pixton EDU account. Following which, you can can access Pixton EDU at by clicking on the Log In button.


Need help using Pixton EDU?

Check out Pixton's detailed Help guide.

If your students require Pixton EDU, you will need to enrol them by following these steps, after you have requested for your own Pixton account.

If you need more help on how to use Pixton EDU for your teaching, email for assistance.