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Resources / JoVE: JoVE

JoVE is a video database dedicated to teaching laboratory techniques and experiments. You can also create a personal JoVE account so that you can watch JoVE videos off campus easily.

JoVE video database

We subscribe to the following content:

(A) Under Education > Basic Biology: 

(1) General Laboratory Techniques (2) Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology (3) Biology II: Mouse, Zebrafish (4) ChickLab Animal Research

How to access the above content in Basic Biology:


(B) Under Education > Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry

(C) Under Research (=video journals) > Biology 

How to search in JoVE

1. Click on Advanced Search and key in your search term. Here, my search term is zebrafish. Narrow your search to the categories that Library subscribe to: Journal> Biology and Science Education> Basic Biology. This is so that you will not encounter results you have no access to.

2. On the search results page, use the filters on the left such as Publication date, to narrow your results. Click on the result you're keen to view.

3. Watch the video, scroll to read the full text article on the page or click on PDF to download the article / transcript.

How to access Jove

What is Jove?


Students, if you encounter a JoVE video or test you are supposed to access but you can't view the full clip, please do not sign up for free trial or fill up the recommendation form. Instead, follow these steps below. If you still face issues, email

Scenario 1: I can't view the JoVE videos I am supposed to watch.

Please sign in to access JoVE from the TP Library website or click hereYou can watch JoVE videos both in school and at home, as long as you sign in from the Library website or via this guide. This is so that JoVE knows you are a TP student and hence you will be able to view the videos that we subscribe to.

After you've signed in, search for the video you are supposed to watch, following the steps on the left on this page.

Scenario 2: I received an email about a JoVE test but I can't access it at home.

You need to create a personalized JoVE account in order to access JoVE tests at home. Click here to set up an account using your TP student email

When you receive the JoVE tests invitation from your teacher, click on the second link and sign into JoVE using the JoVE log in account you have created.