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GEN / APA Citation Style: Newspapers

Basic form of newspaper citation

Author, A. A., & Author B. B. (Year, Month, Day). Title of the newspaper article. Title of Newspaper. Homepage URL or SectionPage

Author's last (or family) name, followed by first and middle names in initials. Use a comma between author's names and an "&" before the last author's name. Author's names are sometimes listed under "byline". If there is no author, start with the article title, followed by the date.

Year, month and day of publication in brackets.

Capitalize only the first words in title and subtitle, as well as proper nouns.

Newspaper title is in italics. Use uppercase for important words in the title.

For online newspaper articles, include the URL. If you know that the URL will most likely break or change in a few months, use the homepage URL (e.g. CNA articles). If not, provide the full URL for the webpage.

Examples of newspaper citations

Newspaper article (printed or from library database)

Sun, D. (2020, February 12). 3 in 5 kids exposed to cyber risks: Study. The New Paper, 8.

Newspaper article from newspaper’s website

Tham, I. (2020, February 8). Coronavirus: How to stay safe, informed amid rise in e-mail scams and fake news. The Straits Times.

News article from online news source that does not print newspapers*

Lam, L. (2019, October 14). Missing items, temper tantrums and life shifts: One woman’s journey in caring for her mother-in-law with dementia. CNA.

*Note that URLS for CNA articles are not stable and may break after a few months, hence you may want to use the homepage URL.

What if there are multiple dates?

Sometimes, you may encounter articles from Straits Times Online which have multiple dates such as shown above. If multiple dates are provided, use the most recent date on which the content was changed.

Hence for the example above, use the date (2019, September 21).