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GEN / APA Citation Style: YouTube Videos

YouTube video citations

YouTube videos may have persons or organisations as authors.

Basic form of YouTube video citation

Author, A. A. [screen name if available] (Year, month, day). Title of video [Video]. YouTube. URL of YouTube video

Author's last (or family) name, followed by first and middle names in initials. Use a comma between author's names and an "&" before the last author's name. 

Year, month and day of of webpage are in brackets. 

Title of video is in italics. Capitalize only the first words in title and subtitle of webpage, as well as proper nouns.


Include the URL of YouTube video.

Examples of YouTube video citations

YouTube video with personal author who has screen name

Reich, H. [minutephysics]. (2017, July 14). Why it's so hard to land on Mars [Video]. YouTube.


YouTube video with company or organisation as author

BBC Ideas. (2020, January 29). The quiet power of introverts [Video]. YouTube.