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GEN / APA Citation Style: Web Pages

Webpage citations

If an article is from a news website that is not associated with a printed newspaper, cite it as a webpage (see CNA example below). The author may be a person, company or organisation.

Basic form of webpage citation

Author, A. A., & Author B. B. (Year, month, day). Title of the webpage. Title of Website. Homepage URL 

Author's last (or family) name, followed by first and middle names in initials. Use a comma between author's names and an "&" before the last author's name. If it is a company or organisation, do not repeat the information as the title of the website.

Use the last updated date. Year, month and day of of webpage are in brackets. Omit the day if it is not available. 

Title of webpage is in italics. Capitalize only the first words in title and subtitle of webpage, as well as proper nouns.

Title of website is not in italics.

Include the URL. If you know that the URL will most likely break or change in a few months, use the homepage URL. If not, provide the full URL for the webpage. 

Examples of webpage citations

Persons as author 

Paulo, D. A., & Lokajaya, E. (2018, March 1). 3 in 4 youngsters say they have been bullied online. CNA.


Company or organisation as author

Flinders University. (2022, February 22). Providing parents the plan B for gaming addiction.